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Engine Repair

We can repair and rebuild most engines to ensure they run as long as possible.

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Wheel Alignment

We are able to offer wheel alignment and balancing on all vehicles.

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Fluid Exchanges

We carry out all fluid changes including oil, brake fluid and coolant.

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Greenham Motors, Greenham Rd
Rear of 53 Colney Hatch Lane
London, N10 1LR

Telephone: 0208 444 7744
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All about the ECU

Most modern vehicles have on board computer management systems known as Electronic Control Units (ECU) which runs the vehicles electronics systems. These include engine, gearbox, brakes, (ABS/ESP), steering and airbag systems. When a warning light illuminates, this indicates that the system has developed a fault and is disabled.

The ECU has self-diagnostics capability and constantly tests the operation of sensors and other components. When any of the sensor signals is missing or out of normal range, the ECU sets a fault and illuminates a Malfunction Indication Lamp (MIL) and stores the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) in the ECU memory.

At Greenham Motors in Muswell Hill, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to retrieve the DTC from the vehicles ECU and highly trained technicians with the experience to correctly identify and repair the systems fault. We also carry out repairs on other auxiliary electrical systems such as lights, heaters, wipers, electronic windows etc.

Whatever your electrical problem, ring and book your car in for a check.