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Engine Repair

We can repair and rebuild most engines to ensure they run as long as possible.

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Wheel Alignment

We are able to offer wheel alignment and balancing on all vehicles.

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Fluid Exchanges

We carry out all fluid changes including oil, brake fluid and coolant.

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Why is Servicing Important?

We all health checkups once in a while. So do our vehicles.

Servicing a vehicle is crucial to it's prolonged life. Here we will tell you about what our servicing plans involve.

For details on our prices, please contact us using the details at the top of the page, or send us a message by clicking below.

Car Servicing Practices

Oil & filter replacement
Over time, your vehicle's oil build up nasty contaminants which can be harmful to your engine. Draining your oil and replacing with high quality fresh oil ensures the engine has clean and effective oil to keep it running at it's best.
Brake Fluid renewal
Let's face it - without effecient brakes, a car is nothing more than a speeding bullet. To ensure your brakes stop your car as intended, we renew the brake fluid, resulting in a more efficient, shorter, and safer stop.
Fuel Filter & Spark Plugs replacement
Without a fuel filter, your car can injest harmful substances from even the most high quality premium fuel. Replacing the fuel filter ensures that those substances never reach your engine and new spark plugs mean a better, quicker start when you turn your key in the morning to save you money and improve fuel efficiency and economy.
Coolant and Washer fluid
Changing the coolant will keep your engine running cool in the summer and prevent freezing in the winter. Even at mild temperatures, old fluid can freeze and cause the engine to crack and pipes to split, resulting in expensive repair bills.