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Engine Repair

We can repair and rebuild most engines to ensure they run as long as possible.

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Wheel Alignment

We are able to offer wheel alignment and balancing on all vehicles.

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Fluid Exchanges

We carry out all fluid changes including oil, brake fluid and coolant.

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The importance of tyres

The only thing that prevents your fast moving vehicle from crashing into the road are the tyres. Without the correct tyres your vehicle can suffer physically as well as economically. Poor tyres mean poor grip, resulting in reduced handling and performance. It can also drastically reduce your fuel efficiency resulting in higher vehical running costs.

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Wheel & Tyre Services

Wheel & Tyre Fitting
We are able to supply and fit replacement tyres for all vehicles, including light commercial vehicles. Give us a call for the best possible price.
Tyre Repair
In some cases, we are able to repair your current tyre. This is more cost effective and the repair can last many years. It is immportant however that you call us immediately and do not drive on the damaged tyre as we will not be able to repair it if you do.
Wheel Balancing
As well as fitting your new tyre and wheel, we will balance the new wheel for you resulting in a more comfortable and pleasent ride from your vehicle.